RACHAEL THURBER, owner of Fit NutRiT is a nutrition coach who takes great pride in coaching athletes through best food choices for performance and optimal body composition development.  She enjoys coaching crossfit athletes, Olympic weightlifters, marathon runners,  bodybuilders and people that just enjoy an active lifestyle.


Rachael is a crossfit athlete, former competitive women's figure & women's physique bodybuilder, and a nationally ranked 63kg Olympic weightlifter. Being the focus of 16 photo shoots across the country as a fitness model, she is also an ambassador for About Time (SDC Nutrition) and Freak Athlete Apparel.


Her qualifications include: CrossFit Level 1 Coach (Accredited), Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition from the ISSN, and a 6 month mentorship with Kylie Gamelier of Nova Labs.


She has always held an interest in nutrition but didn't know how powerful it was until she started crossfit. She found something amazing about starting from the bottom and enjoying the journey of persisting to the top. Finding acceptance in just the process of being a better person or stronger athlete everyday. The climb isn't always be easy but the view is worth it from the top.









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~ Individualized Nutrition plan

~ Working together to set weekly and monthly goals

~ Nutrition Customized to fit your needs

~ Personalized attention weekly

‚Äč~ Learn more about how food affects you.~ Build a great body~ Have more energy~ Perform like a machine!!

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