"I have been working out for 35 years and even competed when I was younger. Evan is the most technically sound coach I have ever had. He cares deeply about his athletes and their individual goals. He is great with all levels of conditioning. Thanks Evan for all the gains you helped me with!"   ~ Kevin Wells

"Visited while on vacation and it was great experience. Would definitely recommend it. Evan the coach was very knowledgeable and provided tips that I have already used back home. He provided movement assessments and helped critique muscle imbalances in an instant to prevent potentially injuries down the road".   ~ David Cochran

"In all my travels, Sand Dunes S&C is still my favorite box away from home. Coach Evan is a class act and really knows his stuff. He's patient, genuine, and so accommodating. If you live in the area and don't go here, you're missing out and if you're just in town to visit, drop in, you won't regret it! I know it's been awhile, but thanks so much for the hospitality! If I'm ever down that way again, I'll be sure to stop by."   ~ Krista Savage

"This gym and Coach Evan have changed my life. Whether you're a beginner, like me, or an experienced athlete, Evan will adjust the workout so you're pushed just enough to improve each visit. He is very knowledgeable in rehab and injury prevention. In the classes he gives one-on-one attention to help advance my performance and results.".   ~ Cheryl Beck

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