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Founded in 2011, Sand Dunes Strength & Conditioning has pursued legitimacy and excellence
in all aspects of training and fitness. With the motto of “Healthy, Happy, Strong”, the staff of
Sand Dunes seek to connect with, and help with the development of all clients in their care.
Skill sets ranging from basic fitness to expressions of competition, no goal is out of reach. 


Evan & Rachael Chelini


Rachael and Evan Chelini are coaches that have been involved in the fitness industry since 2009. 


Coming from a diverse background including martial arts, dance, CrossFit, and Olympic weightlifting they carry a robust understanding of training, nutrition, and fitness rarely seen in the industry. 


Their experience in the field lets them better understand, connect, and lead people to the

highest levels of fitness.




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Coach Maddy has a passion for helping others achieve health and wellness in their everyday lives.  She is an avid runner and triathlete, and is current completing her doctorate in physical therapy at Nova Southeastern University.  She is excited to continue to grow and learn as a part-time coach here at SDSC.



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Coach Clarissa's passion for helping others to not only reach their full potential with the way they look, but also the way they feel, is what drives her to be the best she can be! She’s been in the fitness industry for 15 years and counting. Clarissa has worked with high level athletes and your everyday athlete in life!


She truly enjoys that fitness that comes from the gym, and also outdoors in our everyday lives and the goals set! One of her mottos Is “Fitness is for everyone”! 

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