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Meet Your Coach

I am a passionate, caring, driven individual who loves helping people live their best life. I provide guidance in nutrition, body image and training.

I am a certified nutrition coach, specialist in fitness nutrition, hormone specialist and personal trainer. My coaching specialties include women’s health, performance nutrition, mindset, body composition and body image. 

I graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelors in Health & Consumer Sciences. Growing up, I competed in dance, crossfit, women’s figure & women’s physique bodybuilding and olympic weightlifting. 

Coaching nutrition has offered me a new path where I can constantly grow and learn. Seminars, certifications, books, podcasts and mentors have brought me so much knowledge in this field but what I absorb from my clients-that individual application and response- is the reason my coaching is so successful. Working with people one-on-one is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. I have the best job!!


Customized Nutrition

The foods we eat have a massive impact on our body composition, moods, energy levels, and performance. We work together to find the right nutrition choices that you can enjoy on your journey of long-term health and wellness, aesthetics, or athletic performance. When we focus on nutritional habits we can problem solve hormonal, lifestyle, and mental roadblocks you may face. Let’s find your goal and create an individualized plan for your lifestyle so that you can find sustainable, lasting success. Every client checks in weekly so that we have opportunities to adjust your plan and create necessary adaptations to the process. 

Instead of fitting a client into a program, I design a program for each individual client based on your history, lifestyle and current goals. There are no two programs alike!

What To Expect From
Nutrition Coaching

~ Individualized Nutrition plan
~ Working together to set weekly and monthly goals
~ Nutrition Customized to fit your needs
~ Personalized attention weekly
~ Learn more about how food affects you
~ Build a great body
~ Have more energy
~ Perform like a machine!!

Ready To Make A Change?

Fill out the form to shoot me a message ~ let’s get working together.
Happy eating y’all!

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